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The ADAM S4X-V has been earmarked for a vertical installation. This reference monitor features the same X-ART and 5" HexaCone midrange as the S4X-H allowing for almost identical tonal characteristics of both speakers. This allows combinations of the different versions in bigger multi-channel applications without tonal imbalance.

Furthermore, the S4X-V features a newly developed 12" HexaCone woofer. From the outset, this driver has been designed for optimal results in a bass-reflex enclosure with electronic correction. An exceptionally long 3" voice coil coupled with a very strong and highly effective magnet system provides for powerful, yet never overemphasized bass reproduction.

Improperly designed larger monitors are always at risk at compromising the overall sound with bass reproduction that is too intense. As in all ADAM Audio designed speakers, both versions of the S4X have been designed to combine both the power and volume of the bass (28 Hz at -3 dB point) with the highest possible precision. Combine this with the transparent high and midrange frequencies of the S4X and this will give an engineer a new quality level of control and performance for larger rooms.

All models of the SX-Series are equipped with the new X-ART tweeter. The X-ART tweeter has a 4dB higher efficiency, a 3dB higher maximum sound pressure level, and an increase in frequency response up to 50 kHz. The newly designed broadband A/B amplifier has been developed by ADAM to perfectly match the needs and capabilities of the X-ART tweeter. The entire range of sound can be heard as never before.

The new HexaCone woofers are designed with larger and longer voice coils that deliver more linear excursion for higher SPL max. values. A stronger magnetic structure is added as well for an optimum in efficiency and accuracy.

Optional digital input and magnetic shielding

All SX-models (except the S1X) can be optionally retrofitted with a 24 bit/192 kHz D/A Converter featuring an AES/EBU (XLR) and a SPDIF (RCA) inputs as well as a R/L/Mono switch.


          Number 1
          Basket Ø 12" (310 mm)
          Voice coil Ø 3" (75 mm)
          Cone material HexaCone
          Number 1
          Type Cone driver
          Basket Ø 6" (156 mm)
          Voice coil Ø 1.5" (37 mm)
          Cone material HexaCone
          Number 1
          Type X-ART
          Diaphragm area 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
          Equiv. Diaphragm Ø 2" (56 mm)
          Velocity transform ratio 4:1
          Diaphragm weight 0.17 g
          Built-in Amplifiers  
          Woofer 1
          Type PWM
          Amp. power RMS / music 500 W / 700 W
          Midrange 1
          Type PWM
          Amp. power RMS / music 250 W / 350 W
          Tweeter 1
          Type A/B
          Amp. power RMS / music 50 W / 100 W
          Control panel  
          Input Sensitivity (coarse) -20 to +8 dB (4 dB steps)
          Input Sensitivity (fine) -1.5 to +2 dB (0.5 dB steps)
          EQ 80 Hz 0 to +6 dB (1 dB steps)
          High Shelf EQ > 6 kHz ±4 dB (1 dB steps)
          Low Shelf EQ < 150 Hz ±4 dB (1 dB steps)
          Tweeter gain ±2 dB (0.5 dB steps)
          Input connectors  
          Analog XLR
          Digital (optional) AES/EBU / SPDIF / word clock
          General data  
          Panel Front
          Frequency response 28 Hz - 50 kHz
          THD > 80 Hz ≤0.6 %
          Max SPL with sine wave acoustic 100Hz to 3kHz at 1m ≥118 dB
          Max SPL per pair at 1m ≥128 dB
          Crossover frequencies 280 / 2800 Hz
          Input impedance 10 KOhm
          Weight 78.5 lb (35,6 kg)
          Magnetically shielded No
          Height x Width x Depth 27" (690 mm) x 14" (360 mm) x 17.5" (445 mm)
          Warranty 5 Years
          Delivery contents

          Power cord, Manual

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