AUGSPURGER EXCELLENCE: For over 30 years, the world’s top studios, engineers and producers have trusted their mixes to the power and precision of Augspurger monitors, making them a professional industry standard.

AUGSPURGER INNOVATION: Traditionally, the large soffited Augspurgers were limited to control rooms where space (and budget) were plentiful. Now, however, as the music production landscape has changed, Augspurger has evolved by innovating modern free-standing systems with advanced DSP control. These new systems have compact footprints, designed to fit almost any mixing environment.

AUGSPURGER EVOLUTION: From the ultra-compact Duo 8 MiniMain, to Solo 12MF, Solo 15 and up, the world’s finest and most respected monitors have everything to offer.

  • - Compact, free standing designs with built-in amps
  • - New proprietary DSP tuning technology, drivers and cabinet designs.
  • - No need for heavy, expensive rack of amps and crossover.

Amplification, crossover, EQ, phase and more are all contained in our new ultra powerful high-performance Augspurger Class-D amps, which can be cabinet-mounted or external. Limitless tuning power is at your fingertips with software-controlled storable and recallable settings.

The innovative new Augspuger systems not only sound stunning and fit your space, but they are more affordable than ever. Now everyone can have the power, precision and performance of Augspurger!

Breathtaking power. Unmistakable clarity. Augspurger.

Click here for downloadable Augspurger Evolution PDF: 001) AllModels-AugspurgerEvolutionFlyer

* Augspurger Monitors of Pembroke, MA is not affiliated with George Augspurger.

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