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SSL XL 9080K

This is a pre-owned console that is in exceptionally good condition due to regular care and maintenance. A full tech report is available.

The pre-owned XL 9080K exclusively available at Pro Audio Design features 80 input channels (160 inputs at mix), SuperAnalogue all-discrete mic preamps, equalizer and dynamics processors on every channel, fully automated bussing and routing, Total Recall and Ultimation Moving Faders Automation, and 24 Super-Pre™ remote preamps - Raven Sparkle finish.

Known for their clean, aggressive sound, the SL 4000 and 6000 series consoles became the defacto standard for mixing rock, R&B, hip-hop, and pop music. However, as high-resolution DVD-A and SACD appeared, and 5.1 surround in both music production and film gained ground in the industry, SSL saw the need for a console that epitomized the ultimate in transparency with the ultra-wide bandwidth and resolution necessary for those formats. The result of SSL's effort to accommodate the needs of the industry was the XL 9000-series Superanalogue™ console; a recording/mixing desk built from the ground up for surround sound with bandwidth that surpasses that of 192kHz recorders, plus a dynamic range well beyond 24-bit ADA converters. The XL 9080 K features 80 input channels (160 inputs at mix) featuring the legendary SuperAnalogue all-discrete mic preamps, fully automated bussing, and routing, Total Recall and Ultimation Moving Faders Automation, and of course SSL's famed equalizer and dynamics processors on every channel. The XL 9080 K also includes 24 channels of console-controlled remote SuperPre mic preamps. The result is SSL's finest sounding and highly reliable XL-9080K console.

SSL XL 9080K Key Features

  • Ultra-high quality signal path optimized for the higher sampling frequencies available with DVD-A and SCAD
  • Audio bandwidth extends nearly two octaves beyond a 96kHz recorder.
  • Full 5.1 mix bus, master fader, mix compressor
  • Monitoring and metering 6-channel monitor insert
  • Support for three external 6-channel sources
  • Integral LFE Filtering for Dolby™ and DTS™ encoding
  • UltiPan™ automated surround panning
  • LCR panning on every channel LCR
  • Focus control and surround routing on echo return
  • Full, simultaneous fader access to all mix busses
  • 5.1 stereo down-mix function
  • K Series automation computer with on-line mix compare feature
  • Advanced photo-realistic Total Recall™
  • Remote SuperAnalogue mic amps
  • Audio Excellence for DVD-A and SACD

SSL XK 9080K - Beneath the Surface

Ultra-transparent Superanalogue Circuitry

Superanalogue DC-coupled circuitry eliminates ICs, electrolytic capacitors, and transformers in the signal path. DC-coupling provides an extraordinarily transparent audio path with flat, ultra-wide frequency response, extremely low distortion, and an almost immeasurable noise floor. SSL's SuperAnalogue's bandwidth is greater than 192kHz recorders and has a dynamic range well beyond 24-bit ADA converters. The K series brought the 9080's performance to a higher level with OFC (oxygen-free copper) internal wiring, fully balanced mix buses, and SuperAnalogue all-discrete preamps with quieter, more transparent circuitry, exceeding the specs of any previous SSL preamps.

Remote Super-Pre™

This XL 9080K comes loaded with SSL's Super-Pre option which comprises 24 remote mic preamps controlled from the console with recall of all settings. Putting the preamps in the room with the performers improves signal quality by reducing the critical mic-to-preamp cable distance. Console-mounted gain knobs allow control of the continuously variable, servo-driven remote potentiometers on the Super-Pre unit in the live room. Other controls available on the console are +48V phantom power, high/low-impedance, and -20dB pad - all adjustable without leaving the control room.

Up to 100 Times the Processing Speed of the J-Series  

Significantly faster than its predecessor, the K-series processor that runs console automation also adds features such as screen display of individual transport positioning (for easily setting multi-machine offsets) and Online Mix Compare, for auditioning up to six different mix passes without interrupting playback. The backward compatibility of the K-series supports the import and replay of Total Recall information from J-series consoles, as well as relevant data from G-series desks.

Multi-Angle, High-Resolution TFT Screen

To maximize flexibility and display the system's enhanced graphics - including new Advanced Photo-Realistic Total Recall™ - the center of the console is fitted with a multi-angle, high-res TFT screen. An additional X-VGA input allows the TFT display to be switched from console operations to a workstation output. Similarly, the system's wireless mouse, infrared QWERTY keyboard and pen/tablet can be switched to control any USB peripheral, computer or DAW. This facility, combined with SSL's familiar tape recorder-style transport buttons, provides for simple system integration and allows the engineer to remain in the console sweet spot. Speaking of transport control, the K-series can run both parallel and 9-pin devices simultaneously, and both SMPTE LTC and MIDI Timecode generators can be active at the same time.

UltiPan Screen-Based Panning

One of the most unique features of the K-series is UltiPan screen-based panning, which enables various styles of automated panning. With UltiPan, you can pan across two, three, four, or five outputs. The XL 9080K offers conventional, two-dimensional X/Y panning, with center focus and divergence controls for bleeding signals across the LCR outputs for phantom center effects. “Freehand” mode allows panning anywhere within specific soundscape axes, with full dynamic panning between any selected sets or pairs of speakers. Of special interest in UltiPan is ThetaPan™, which can spread a point-source signal across adjacent speakers without the need for divergence controls while also permitting precise circular pans. Up to six automated UltiPan panners can be used simultaneously; additionally, LCR panning is provided on every channel, as are LCR focus controls and surround routing on effects returns.

Supreme Surround Sound Performance

While experienced SSL users will be immediately familiar with the console's center section, it adds more functions and flexibility. A full 5.1 mix bus, master fader, mix compressor, and full simultaneous fader access to all mix buses are standard. Monitoring sources include the main 5.1 mix, three six-channel mix returns, as well as 15 additional signal sources. A down-mix matrix allows efficient creation of 5.1-to-stereo mixes, with user control of center, surround, and LFE channels feed. An insert point for surround encode/decode systems is available, as well as switched access to -12dB/octave low-pass filters for generating LFE signals in Dolby Digital (120Hz) or DTS (80Hz) formats.

Pre-Owned SSL XL 9080K Legacy

This console comes from the A-room of recently closed Studio Trilogy in San Francisco. One of 12 XL 9000K-series consoles in the US, it was meticulously maintained throughout its operating life. Notable artists who recorded on this desk include Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Kanye West, R Kelly, and, to name a few. Other notable artists who recorded at Trilogy included Bozz Scaggs, Laurie Anderson, The Kronos Quartet, and many more.

The XL 9080K is the ultimate in large-format analog mixing consoles, supremely transparent with comprehensive digital control while retaining the musicality that only comes with an analog signal path. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Integrator today. 



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