TAD TL-1801

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The TL-1801 from TAD (Technical Audio Devices) is a low-frequency loudspeaker featuring an 18-inch (460mm) driver. It features a high power maximum capacity of 800W thanks to the combined use of a 100mm diameter x 23mm winding depth, edgewise-wound, oxygen-free copper voice coil, a ferrite magnetic circuit with a high flux density of 11,200G, a lightweight transducer system using a cone made of highly rigid pulp and Kevlar fibers, and an advanced heat radiation design. As a result, powerful sound reproduction with a minimum of distortion is possible, even with high-power input.

The frame for the driver is made of rigid die-cast aluminum alloy to support the magnetic circuit and to allow the transducer system to reproduce powerful, accurate bass. Frame resonance is suppressed by the seven frame arms. The cone is laminated with macromolecular film, and its surface specially treated to make it water-repellent and to prevent cone breakup from degrading sound quality.

Lightweight moving parts are employed and the voice coil is of the long-travel design, to ensure a high sensitivity of 96.5dB/1W, an exceptionally high figure for its size. The large input terminal permits direct connection of speaker cables up to 14mm² (6 Gauge) in diameter.

TL-1801 Specifications:

Nominal Impedance 8 Ohm
Lowest Resonance Frequency (Fo) 26 Hz
Frequency Range 26-2600 Hz
Rated Input Power 200 W
Maximum Input Power 800 W
Sound Pressure Level 96,5 dB/W (1m)
Total Magnetic Flux 282.200 Mx
Magnetic Flux Density 11.200 G
Highest Recommended Crossover 800 Hz
Recommended Enclosure 170 - 500 liter
Effective Piston Diameter 394.0 mm
Baffle Opening 426.0 mm
Mounting Dimensions 441.0 mm
Weight 12.6 kg
Dimensions (diameter x depth) 464 x 176 mm


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