Solid State Logic Duality 48

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This pre-owned Solid State Logic Duality 48  console, serial #D038 originally commissioned in 2008, is in nice condition. Includes stand, and manuals. Full installation, service and warranty package available

Duality is SSL's top-of-the-range, large-format console, combining comprehensive DAW control with SSL's remarkable DC-coupled SuperAnalogue signal path. This console features 48 VHD (variable harmonic drive) preamps, 96 simultaneous inputs, dual-curve E- and G-series equalizers, 5.1 surround monitoring with multiple loudspeaker support, and of course, SSL's ultra-transparent Superanalogue Signal path.  

Solid State Logic Duality 48   Just the Facts:

  • Combined large format SSL console and DAW controller
  • Legendary SuperAnalogue mic preamps and signal processing
  • VHD (Variable Harmonic Drive) preamp stage
  • Comprehensive monitoring up to 5.1 surround with multiple loudspeaker support
  • Direct control of DAW recording, editing and mixing functions from the console surface
  • Flexible signal routing enhanced by the channel “Split” function
  • Logictivity Remote browser for session management
  • Console Feature Summary
  • Integrated console, signal acquisition, signal processing, studio monitoring, bass management, and DAW control
  • Advanced DAW control through a high resolution integrated TFT screen
  • Elegant, ergonomic design with a number of add-on options
  • Innovative large fader dual-control of both DAW and console input path with follow-fader metering
  • Legendary SSL sound quality
  • SuperAnalogue technology derived from SSL's acclaimed XL 9000 K Series console
  • VHD Input Preamp
  • DC-coupled for excellent low-frequency response
  • Balanced signal paths throughout ensuring maximum dynamic range
  • Audio bandwidth exceeding that of 192kHz recorders
  • Ultra low-noise dual impedance mic amps
  • Channel EQ with twin-curve SSL E and G Series 4-band parametric equalization
  • Channel dynamics sections with gate, expander and compressor/limiter
  • 5.1 implementation of SSL's classic mix bus compressor
  • Highly flexible signal processing order
  • Hex mix bus design configurable as a 5.1 bus or three stereo pairs (A, B, C)
  • 5.1, stereo or stereo down-mix main outputs
  • 24 track buses
  • 2 Stereo Cue plus four Aux busses on all channel modules, with EFX re-assign system to feed track buses and channel output
  • Wide range of solo modes including Solo-In-Front
  • 4 stereo echo returns with full mix/foldback routing
  • Unrivaled studio monitoring section with comprehensive user options
  • Hi-visibility channel TFT screens for metering and optional Total Recall displays
  • 2 main VU meters and phase meter
  • Direct access to all major DAW mixing, editing and automation parameters via HUI and MCU protocols
  • Direct control of plug-in settings
  • Dedicated control processor to maximize console performance
  • Integral color TFT display with dedicated control keys
  • High-quality motorized faders to write/replay level moves in your DAW
  • Simple switching between console layer and DAW control layer
  • Full remote control implementation
  • Operation independent of platform - works with Pro Tools, Nuendo/Cubase, Logic Audio, and others
  • MIDI over Ethernet for enhanced control of two DAW systems
  • System Options
  • Multi-operator Total Recall, including Autoscan, for accurate resetting of session parameters
  • Comprehensive automation based on SSL's legendary Ultimation, including switch automation

    Duality combines technology from SSL's acclaimed XL 9000 K Series console with design concepts that faithfully recreate the overload characteristics of tube circuitry. It offers all of the sonic benefits of capacitor-free, servo coupled SuperAnalogue circuitry, with the ability to add variable harmonic coloration on a channel-by-channel basis - all implemented in a control surface that will be familiar to any recording engineer who has previously used SSL consoles.

    Duality  has been carefully designed with DAW integration and ubiquitous functions in mind, including visual audio editing, integrated digital effects processing, and convenient session storage and recall. It addresses all the needs of current DAW production techniques in an integrated, high-quality and robust design, coupled with all of the sonic benefits expected from a Solid State Logic console.

    The Duality  provides the ultimate capture path for up to 96 simultaneous inputs into the DAW, where recorded signals can be edited, processed and mixed via Duality SE's control surface. The signal paths can then be either summed internally within the DAW or returned to the analog domain for further processing via Duality's channel path EQ and dynamics processors, before final summing via the console's balanced analog mix bus architecture. With a comprehensive 5.1 monitoring section, audio can be auditioned with the highest possible audio integrity.

    A high-resolution, digitally controlled gain element in each channel allows the motorized faders to be switched to control any DAW that supports the HUI or Mackie Control protocols while retaining control of the analog signal path. The faders and their associated channel-based rotary encoders (D-pots) provide direct control of DAW faders, pans, sends, plus input and output routing. The Master Control Panel and Duality SE's center section screen give paged control of all plug-in parameters.

    Split Mode Architecture

    Instead of retaining the in-line architecture of previous SSL consoles, the Duality features a Split Mode topology, which provides the equivalent of in-line operation but without the cost and complexity of separate channel and monitor paths.

    In DAW-based productions, there is no longer the fixed track count limitation of conventional analog or digital tape-based recording. This means that most sources are recorded individually to a track with or without processing as production requirements dictate, but without requiring constant access to a channel fader. The Duality channel supports two input paths normally designated as the Channel Input and the DAW Monitor Return, with a single channel output as the DAW Send. The Split Mode architecture allows the input signal to be “picked off” the channel path at the input stage, or pre-fader, and replaced with the DAW return. The input signal automatically becomes the DAW send and the remaining section of the channel handles the DAW return. Toggling Split Mode on and off is the equivalent of the classic send/return (Group /Tape) monitoring. The console sends can select either the channel fader signal or the channel output signal as a source, offering the choice of zero-latency stereo cue and FX mixes, or post-DAW processed sends.

    What is SSL SuperAnalogue?

    The AWS is an SSL SuperAnalogue console, featuring exceptionally low THD, noise floor, and crosstalk levels, while SSL's legendary headroom allows you to mix hotter without distortion. Superanalogue is defined by DC-coupled circuitry, which eliminates ICs, electrolytic capacitors*, and transformers in the signal path. DC-coupling provides an extraordinarily transparent audio path with flat, ultra-wide frequency response, extremely low distortion, and an almost immeasurable noise floor. SSL's SuperAnalogue's bandwidth is greater than 192kHz recorders and has a dynamic range well beyond 24-bit ADA converters. SuperAnalogue circuits are designed to be the fastest-acting, most tonally accurate audio circuits possible.

    PAD Tech Note: SSL avoids using electrolytic capacitors for de-coupling between analog stages. The performance of an electrolytic capacitor is rendered imprecise by virtue of its physical construction, which makes it vulnerable to electromagnetic interference. Even expensive, high-quality electrolytics are not up to the specifications required by Superanalogue standards. Doubtless, you've heard the word, “recapped” when it comes to console maintenance. Due to temperature variations over time, electrolytic capacitors degrade and become leaky, resulting in significant noise issues, altered tonal characteristics, and a shortened product life. 

    Logic Studio Not Supported

    There is an inherent limitation in the architecture of Apple's Logic Studio software. Logic prevents any controller from controlling more than one plug-in at a time. Viewed purely within an 'inside-the-box' paradigm this makes some sense in that the control interface is the mouse or trackpad but it presents significant limitations to the way hardware controllers can be used with the software. It is with much regret that the single Fader δ-Ctrl Plug-in does not contain an Audio Units version and thus doesn't work with Logic. The multi-channel δ-Ctrl Plug-ins available for AWS, Matrix and Sigma are not compatible with Duality Delta consoles.

    Logic users can still use SSL's A-FADA system to enable the Duality motorized faders to follow Automation Data from the DAW.

    DAW Control

    While Duality offers a powerful, comprehensively equipped large-format analog console, it also goes further than any other analog console by integrating seamlessly into a DAW-based facility by incorporating hands-on control of important recording, routing, mixing, and editing functions in all major DAW applications including Pro Tools, Logic Audio, Nuendo, Sonar, and many others.

    DAW Control - Just the Facts:

    • Direct access to all major DAW mixing, editing and automation parameters via HUI and MCU protocols
    • Direct control of plug-in settings
    • Dedicated control processor to maximize console performance
    • Integral color TFT display with dedicated control keys
    • High-quality motorized faders to write/replay level moves in your DAW
    • Simple switching between console layer and DAW control layer
    • Two independent DAW layers or single Dual DAW layer option
    • Full remote control implementation
    • Operation independent of platform: works with Pro Tools, Nuendo, Logic Audio, and others
    • MIDI over Ethernet for enhanced control of two DAW systems

    SSL Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD)

    Each channel of Duality features a SuperAnalogue mic preamp and an additional Variable Harmonic Drive (VHD) preamp. The VHD Pre is a patented SSL preamp design that can deliver ultra-clean SSL grade recordings but also features the VHD circuit which can be switched into the signal path. The Variable Harmonic Drive circuit uses a 100% analog signal path to generate rich harmonic distortion. As you increase the input gain, the Variable Harmonic Drive circuit adds either 2nd- or 3rd-order harmonic distortion, or a blend of the two to your input source. At lower gain settings it adds gentle tube-style warmth or a touch of transistor edge. As gain is increased, the distortion becomes more extreme. At high gain settings, it delivers fierce, trashy grunge. A studio-grade preamp, VHD pres give you the ultimate in versatility. Whether it's traditional ultra-clean SSL, subtle warming, or totally trashy transistor distortion, VHD will change your expectations of what a preamplifier should deliver.




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