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Combining the longstanding studio design expertise of Pro Audio Design and the innovative acoustic panels of JOCAVI, the PAD x JOCAVI partnership promises true craftsmanship in acoustic treatment. Internationally renowned for its innovative approach to crafting high-performance acoustic treatments, JOCAVI uses predictive computer modeling and analysis of each existing space and its building materials to create a listening environment that is not only acoustically impeccable, but artistically inspiring with custom panels and finishes to suit any décor. With over 100 years of combined experience, enjoy the expertise of PAD’s services– a combination of room design, acoustic treatment, speaker placement, and tuning– to facilitate an impeccable experience in the final stages of your PAD x JOCAVI studio design and construction.

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$ 1,452.00
Auditoriums, music audition rooms, studios, practice rooms, etc., need a efficient surface that is efficient at absorbing sound waves within the largest possible range of frequencies. The MELLOWALLTRAP® is an absorbent panel meant to be installed on walls and ceilings. This product is particularly important for absorbing the mid and...
$ 502.00
The TONAL Corner is a low frequency membrane absorbent panel designed to fit into 90o corners. Tuned to 50Hz, 63Hz or 80Hz, it has a range of absorption coverage of approximately 1/3 of octave above and below the tuning frequency. It is developed to fine tune the modal distribution of...
$ 425.00
The TONAL Wall is a low frequency membrane absorbent panel tuned at 125 Hz and designed to be used in flat surfaces like walls and ceilings. It is developed to fine tune the modal distribution of small rooms such as studio control rooms and home theatres. This model can be...
$ 712.00
TWO®FX is an acoustic diffusion panel for High-End Studios and High-Performance room's applications. The diffusion pattern is based on a sequence of the 7 musical notes followed by a mathematical routine of transpositions, inversions and retrogrades. The shapes of the component parts are predominantly convex, but there are also some...
$ 180.00
The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® is a diffusion panel that has a higher balance between diffusion/absorption. It is a 2D quadratic diffuser with five slightly uneven gradients. The SQUARYDIFFUSOR® is made of low-density clay paste. Due to its quadratic shape and the raw material it uses, its diffusion and absorption features are well balanced for...
$ 686.00
Plura® is an acoustic diffusion panel, manufactured in HIPS on an absorbent filling box. His design has a geometry that reproduces symmetry at a 180 rotation. It consists of a combination of two ellipses in one bent hollow, thus giving it a predominantly round shape with tenuous angles, which is...
$ 1,479.00
From many years the Quadratic diffusers became a classic shape in architectural acoustics. JOCAVI® revisited and made a new design of the oldest project of acoustic diffuser modules. Starting from the same principle of the calculations for Quadratic diffusers, we reviewed it with a new approach and add a new...
$ 240.00
This panel is related to the MELLOWALLTRAP® and the WALLTRAP® panels, as it is an absorption panel to be applied on walls and ceilings that predominantly absorbs in the mid-range of the sound spectrum. The similarities end there given that its size, technical characteristics and respective type of mounting are...
$ 13,403.00
The STAIDTREAT is an innovative modular system designed to aesthetically conceal the acoustic treatment in its room in a very sober manner. The finishing plate made of pressed mineral sand is similar for the three models. As the engineering portion of each model, the STAIDTREAT consists of three different models...
$ 482.00
JOCAVI™ has developed this acoustic diffusion panel by using non-linear convex shapes, based on a set of three ellipses which were later altered and optimised in order to achieve an oval shape with better angular diffusion coverage. The external raw material of this panel was selected out of some materials...
$ 488.00
The control of low frequencies in audio rooms is always essential. The absorption of this energy is successful when the adequate solution is found. We tried to come up with a product with a good technical performance, whose size does not hinder its application, and that is a solution to...
$ 126.00
The SEAFOAM is made of a flexible open-cell foam from melamine resin, a thermoset polymer. This foam is characterised by its three-dimensional network structure which consists of easily shaped thin filaments. The sound waves penetrate the open-cell structure, thus reducing the reflected energy and giving this product an excellent sound...


The foundation of our design process is based around the science of acoustics and advanced computer modeling to predict the reverb and decay time combined with the frequency response over time. Our philosophy is to remove the unwanted energy or redirect reflections into diffuse fields, or absorption that is targeted for the frequencies that are overly responsive and create even room response. The model will show all the modal behavior and areas that must be treated.

We then create a targeted plan to address the response and create an even and balanced room, using a large range of products which have all been tested and modeled to be able to combine the treatments and see their results. The starting point is to combine the panels, bass traps, diffusers and absorbers, that are based on a predictive model, until the model shows the desired result. The treatments are chosen to match the visual finishes, and based closely on the clients budget. As with most things, the more you can spend the better the performance and nicer the looks can be.

When we complete the project we field test the rooms, and can compare to the predictive model. Over time we have found exceptional results of nearly 97%.

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