Trident Series 80C Recording Console

$ 25,000.00
Trident 80C console in excellent condition, complete with wiring harnesses.  This console has been here before. One of the pillars of the ‘British sound’ of the early 1970s was Trident Studios in London. Filled with brilliant engineers and cutting-edge gear, it was to go-to place for many of the top...
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UnderToneAudio UnFairchild 670M II Compressor/Limiter

$ 10,495.00
The Fairchild circuit could be one of the most coveted and time tested compressors of all time. It has proven its extraordinary universal musicality for over 5 decades on countless genres of music. The beauty of its design is in its simplicity. The audio path, primarily consisting of only 2...
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Sontronics Podcast Pro

$ 149.00
The Sontronics Podcast Pro is a dynamic microphone designed specifically for podcast, broadcast, radio gaming and voiceover applications. Designed, developed and hand-built in the UK, the Podcast Pro has a tightly focused supercardioid pickup pattern, giving excellent clarity and depth with superb side rejection. With its three layers of internal...

Sontronics DrumPack Plus 7-Piece Condenser Microphone Set for Drums

$ 1,099.00
Sontronics DrumPack Plus—PRE-ORDER NOW! The Sontronics DrumPack Plus is a seven-piece set of condenser microphones with design-specific characteristics focused on drum kit and percussion recording with results rivaling mics at ten times the price. The 7-piece DrumPack Plus features Sontronics award-winning DM-series dedicated DM-series drum condenser mics and also includes...
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Sontronics Drum Pack 5-Piece Condenser Microphone Set for Drums

$ 899.00
Sontronics DrumPack—PRE-ORDER NOW! The Sontronics DrumPack is a five-piece set of condenser microphones purpose-built for recording drum kits and percussion with results rivaling mics at ten times the price. Let’s say you have a preferred pair of overhead mics and see no reason to walk away from a winning combination....
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Townsend Labs Sphere L22 Precision Dual Channel Sphere Microphone with Sphere DSP Plug-ins

$ 1,499.00 $ 1,799.00
  The Sphere L22 microphone system from Townsend Labs models the characteristics of the most sought after large diaphragm condenser microphones with amazing accuracy and allows selectionof different mics and patterns even after tracking The Sphere® system consists of a high precision dual channel microphone, which when paired with the included...
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Sontronics Corona Vocal Microphone

$ 329.00
The Sontronics Corona is a purpose-built, retro-styled vocal mic with spring-mounted capsule built-in pop filter, ported for low-frequency pickup. With a look reminiscent of the Shure 5B double-button carbon microphone from the 1930s, the Corona takes its name from the Mexican beer of the same name. No, it doesn’t ....
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Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Large-Diaphragm Modeling Microphone *On Sale*

$ 499.00 $ 799.00
The Slate Digital ML-1 is a phantom-powered, ultra flat, wide-bandwidth condenser mic designed to provide the proper response for Slate Digital’s physical modeling mic plug-ins The Slate Digital VMS ML-1 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone that’s an essential component of the Slate Virtual Microphone System. Slate VMS is a microphone...
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Manley CORE Channel Strip

$ 2,499.00
Building upon its 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment; Manley Labs has distilled its CORE technologies from this lineage. 2014 delivers the Manley CORE, an innovative channel strip that combines Manley’s Greatest Hits with fresh technology. The remarkably intuitive front panel combines musical and forgiving circuitry that allows the...
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Sontronics Aria Tube Microphone

$ 1,359.00 $ 1,599.00
The Sontronics ARIA is a large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone purpose-built for superior vocal recording, ear-tested by top artists, producers, and Abbey Road engineers. With the multiple award-winning ARIA cardioid condenser microphone, Sontronics set out to prove that a microphone capable of producing commercial-quality recordings needn’t be priced out of reach....
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Sontronics STC-20 Pack Large-Diaphragm Mic with Accessories

$ 289.00
The Sontronics STC-20 Pack comprises a large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with a spider-style shockmount (2 spare elastics), a nylon-mesh pop filter that attaches to shockmount, 15' XLR cable, and vinyl pouch. The Sontronics STC-20 Pack is the solution for musicians and home recordists on a tight budget looking to record...
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Sontronics STC-3X Pack — Multi-Pattern LDC Mic with Accessories

$ 374.00 $ 440.00
The Sontronics STC-3X Pack is 3-pattern (cardioid, omni, figure-8), dual large-diaphragm condenser mic with -10dB pad, 75Hz low-cut filter, and comes with spider-style shockmount, nylon mesh pop filter, XLR cable, and mic pouch. The Sontronics STC-3X Pack is not just an all-in-one recording package aimed at the home studio or...


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