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The Focusrite RedNet D64R is a 64x64 MADI interface featuring network and power supply redundancy compatible with any Dante audio-over-IP network.

Whether it's post-production, broadcast, live sound or for the recording studio, if you need to add 64 bi-directional channels of high-resolution digital audio to your Dante audio network, the Focusrite RedNet D64R is an ideal choice for providing MADI I/O in critical-path applications in any Dante network. MADI connectivity is provided in the form of coax through two rear-panel BNC connectors, as well as optical through an SC-Duplex connector. Word Clock I/O allows RedNet D64R to provide clock to external equipment, or alternatively to sync the Dante network to an external clock. The word clock input can additionally be used as the sync source for the unit's sample rate converters, allowing asynchronous operation between the network and the MADI domains. Front panel status LEDs provide visual feedback of signal presence, SRC status, PSU status and more.

Focusrite RedNet D64R - Just the Facts:

  • 64x64 MADI I/O for Dante audio-over-IP networks
  • Up to 24-bit/192kHz sampling rates
  • Input and output sample rate converters
  • AES10 and AES67 compliant
  • Dual power supplies and network connections with full power and network redundancy including locking connectors for maximum reliability
  • Multi-mode optical MADI transceiver with Single-mode available on request
  • Simultaneous optical and coaxial output
  • Word Clock I/O for increased flexibility
  • Auto MADI input switching mode: when selected, input will favor optical, and quickly switch to coaxial if optical input is lost
  • Comprehensive remote control and remote signal metering through RedNet Control
  • 2-year warranty

Focusrite RedNet D64R - Under the Hood

With the industry-leading flexibility of Dante networked audio, Focusrite's audio-over-IP devices deliver a modular approach to integrating an audio solution, whether for post production, broadcast, live sound, or recording studio. The range includes Focusrite's finest remote-controlled mic pres, best conversion, and a wide selection of PC interfacing options.

All Focusrite audio-over-IP devices are compatible with a standard layer-3 IP network; in fact it's likely that nearly every facility already has a compatible infrastructure. Just add Ethernet cable and a network switch to build up your audio network

Sonic excellence

Advanced A-D and D-A conversion, premium multi-layered board circuitry and rock steady JetPLL clocking delivers extremely clean, transparent audio with extensive dynamic range and 24-bit/192kHz sampling.

Dante audio networking

The power and flexibility of Dante is harnessed to build an extremely scalable, modular audio system that is compatible with any other Dante-enabled device.


Some devices feature dual power supplies and dual network connections allowing for silent fail-over in the event of power or network outage, providing peace of mind.

Extensive compatibility

A wide range of connectivity options are available, including analogue, MADI, AES3, Mac, Windows, Pro Tools | HD and of course other Dante products.

For help integrating a Focusrite D64R into your Dante-enabled audio network, or configuring a new network audio system, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Integrator today.


Sample Rate Convertors

  • Sample Rate Range: 41kHz to 216kHz (MADI)
  • Gain error: -0.01dB
  • Dynamic range: > 139dB (-60dBFS method)
  • THD+N: < -130dB (0.00003); 0dBFS input
  • Latency: 43 to 196 samples (Network and MADI sample rate dependent)
  • MADI Clock Sources: RedNet, MADI Input and Word Clock

Digital Performance

  • Supported sample rates: 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192kHz (-4 / -0.1 / 0.1 / 4.167) at 24-bit
  • Clock sources: Internal, MADI or from Dante Network Master
  • External word clock range: Nominal sample rate ±7.5

Rear Panel Connectivity

  • Electrical standard: as per AES10:2008
  • Recommended cable: OM1 adheres to AES10:2008 RedNet 6/ D64R supports OM2 if 3rd Party Device also supports OM2
  • Connector: Duplex-SC
  • Optical Standard: as per AES10:2008 (ISO/IEC 9314-3, FDDI, ANSI X3.166)
  • Word Clock Input: 1 x BNC 75 ohm port
  • Word Clock Output: 1 x BNC 75 ohm port
  • PSU: 2 x IEC Inputs with retaining clips
  • Network: 2 x etherCON NE8FBH-S, also compatible with standard RJ45 connectors

Front Panel Indicators

  • Primary PSU (A): Green LED. Illuminates when an AC input is applied and all DC outputs are present
  • Secondary PSU (B): Green LED. Illuminates when an AC input is applied and all DC outputs are present
  • Primary network: Green LED. Indicates that a network connection is present on primary port when in redundant mode
  • Secondary network: Green LED. Indicates that a network connection is present on secondary port when in redundant mode
  • Network locked: Green LED. When unit is network slave, shows valid network lock. When unit is network master
  • Sample rate: Orange LED for each: 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, x2, x4
  • Pull up/down: Orange LED. Indicates unit is set to operate on a Dante pull up/down domain
  • Clock source: Orange LED for each: Internal, MADI Input and Word Clock.
  • MADI input: Orange LED for each: coaxial, optical and auto
  • MADI clock: Orange LED for each: SRC, RedNet, MADI Input and word clock
  • Signal indicators: 2 Green LEDs, 1 input/1 output indicator. Illuminate @ -126dBFS
  • Status: Orange LED for each: SRC

Network Modes

  • Redundant: Allows unit to connect two independent networks
  • Switched: Connects both ports to integrated network switch allowing daisy-chaining of device


  • Height: 1-3/4" / 44.5 mm
  • Width: 19" / 482.6 mm
  • Depth: 12-1/8" / 308 mm


  • Weight: 4.32kg


  • Power PSU: 2 x Internal, 100-240V, 50/60Hz, consumption 30VA

Heat Performance

  • Operating temperature: Operates at up to an ambient temperature of 50-degrees Celsius


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