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We have  a beautiful preowned 48 Fader C300 available in stock.  96 Channels of Digital I/O, 96 channels of Analog I/O , 48 fader control surface, but capable of 512 channels at 48kz or 256 at 96kz. 128 MADI inputs and 64 MADI outputs are also accessible on the console.

Originally this  console was purchased for $700K , however it's now available for five percent of it's original cost. 

"Probably the most powerful channel processing on any console ever built, both additive and subtractive dynamics, multiple filters, the best EQ that SSL designers can make. The designer of the console thinks the C300 is his finest work and that's saying something"

 From the Manufacturer

From independent facilities to major film sound stages, Solid State Logic’s C300 HD Master Studio System delivers an unbeatable combination of enhanced productivity, secure performance and operator-friendly design. 

The perfect mix of power and control

The C300 HD is the perfect nerve center for commercial dubbing and post facilities. It combines the unrivalled audio fidelity & processing of an SSL digital audio console, comprehensive multi format monitoring, multi system machine control and a highly evolved hardware surface that seamlessly integrates hands-on control of the consoles internal audio path and multiple Digital Audio Workstations.

With unrivalled DSP flexibility, C300 HD offers over 500 mix inputs, 80 mix busses and true multi-operator capability from a single processing core. C300 HD is a truly integrated control and processing solution that will make your facility more efficient.


HD Post Production

The commercial success of HDTV and Home Theatre Surround systems, together with the availability of high quality broadcast HD programming and HD DVD content, mandates a radical new approach to Audio Post Production. The universal consumer adoption of 7.1 playback systems with independently addressable side and rear speaker pairs, means that HD sound will eventually need to be mixed natively for this format and that current methodology of utilizing an analogue matrix to synthesize a mono rear signal from the existing 5.1 stereo surround information will not remain acceptable in the long term. C300 HD provides the tools required to support these latest developments and more.


Modern workflow

The C300 HD delivers significant time savings in the critical mixing stage of a project, offering increased workflow and true cost efficiency, particularly when compared to the compromised quality and throughput imposed by semi-pro audio editing equipment, which cannot provide the nonlinear multi-input automation, superior sonics, and integration advantages of a professional solution.

Affordably priced, the C300 HD provides the features vital to commercial film and post production, while allowing tailored scaling of all parts in order to meet operational and budgetary demands. Future accommodation is through a clear upgrade path, ensuring a long and productive working life.


  • Ergonomic work surface with excellent visual feedback
  • Vertical Fader ‘Stacks’ simplify mapping complex track layouts to a fixed console configuration
  • High-resolution TFTs display routing and processing
  • Direct (HUI) control of up to 4 DAWs simultaneously
  • 128 x 8 monitor matrix, 64 Pec/Direct channels and 8-ch Monitor insert
  • 4 x 7.1 Monitor Outputs, each with an independent 8 x 8 Format matrix
  • Panning options for new HD surround formats including side and rear speaker layouts
  • TimeFreeze automation system supports still and step frame parameter data entry
  • Multichannel formatting (up to 7.1) for the 80 mix busses
  • Full timecode and system sync support for 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 and 30 HD frame rates
  • System reference accepts HD Tri Level Sync, SD Video, AES and Word clock signals
  • Fs and 2Fs sample rates at 44.1 and 48 kHz with 0.1% pull up/pull down options
  • Scalable DSP provides from 32 to 512 mix inputs (plus 80 mix busses and full monitoring facilities as standard)
  • Flexible channel linking and formatting allows easy creation of multichannel inputs, for up to 7.1 surround
  • Instant allocation/optimisation of audio processing – new layouts can be made without requiring a restart
  • Online multi-user setup of control surface and DSP
  • Integral machine control via 4 serial machine control ports, wide speed time code reader/generator and MMC
  • Central touchscreen for machine and monitor control
  • 32 x 32 main ‘re-record’ matrix with output processing


The 15U x 19” Centuri core houses easy access power supplies, audio and control processing with Telecom quality secured connection to the back panel and I/O options within the single, robust chassis.

The Centuri core supplies four serial machine control ports, one DCTM parallel port and LTC/MTC time code outputs for external machine control.  A compact flash drive in included for project data archive and an optional Super MO drive for project is available.  A panel fitted with 16 MIDI connectors provides connection for up to 4 DAW HUI advance control.

All I/Os are able to run at 96 kHz operation.  It is possible to mix any incoming signal at any provided format with any other signal, running a different format, word length or sample rate.  To maintain sufficient airflow, the Centuri core is equipped with fans.  Suitable acoustic isolation between the machine room and the control room is therefore required.





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