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Discrete 4 Synergy Core NOW WITH 54 FX + AFX2DAW 

The Discrete 4 Antelope Synergy Core is a 24-bit/192kHz, 14x16 Thunderbolt/USB audio interface with four discrete, console-grade Class-A mic pres, 4th-Generation clocking, 36 real-time audio effects, and Antelope's next-generation Synergy Core FX processing.

Recognizing that more work is done in coffee shops and in transit than ever before, the Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core Thunderbolt/USB audio interface is the latest entry in Igor Levin's mission to achieve a portable world-class studio. To accomplish this, the Discrete 4 interface comprises four discrete console-grade preamps combined with Synergy Core, Antelope's latest innovation in authentic real-time effects processing. The Discrete 4 Synergy Core puts Antelope's pristine AD/DA conversion and massive effects processing power on your desktop or in your knapsack. A hot-rodded, next-gen upgrade to Antelope's popular Discrete 4 audio interface, Synergy Core gives you dual DSP chips plus an FPGA processor working in tandem, giving you access to both your go-to 3rd-party plug-ins plus Antelope's expansive library of analog FPGA effects. The Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core interface offers 4 console-grade discrete mic preamps, 14 total inputs and 16 outputs, Antelope's industry-standard digital clocking, and both Thunderbolt and USB connectivity for your Mac or PC. Best of all, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core comes with $3,000+ of Antelope's top effects plug-ins included free, so you can record, monitor, mix, and master your projects with world-class sound from start to finish.

Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core - Just the Facts:

  • Synergy Core future-proof FX processing platform combining dual ARM DSP chips and one FPGA analog processor
  • Best-in-class, 24-bit/192kHz AD/DA conversion with 121dB dynamic range
  • 36 Synergy Core effects plug-ins included - a $3,000+ value!
  • Sub-millisecond round-trip latency
  • Antelope clocking technology on board with Word Clock output to keep your studio in sync
  • Desktop USB/Thunderbolt audio interface with 4 console-grade mic preamps
  • 4 XLR-1/4" combi inputs for mic/line/instrument sources
  • L/R Monitor TRS 1/4" line outputs plus 4 TRS 1/4" line outs
  • Expandable via S/PDIF and ADAT
  • 35 effects expansions available separately, including AFX2DAW Bridge
  • All effects can be automated in DAW without CPU load, thanks to AFX2DAW Bridge (Mac only)
  • Hand-built in a road-worthy metal case

Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core - Under the Hood

Synergy Core Processing with DSP + FPGA processing

Under the hood, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core is loaded with twin DSP chips plus an FPGA processor that work in tandem to run Antelope Audio's vast collection of vintage-inspired effects plug-ins - with no hit to your host Mac or PC. Synergy Core increases your recording rig's stability by offloading audio effects processing to your Discrete interface's dedicated chips. Adding the Discrete 4 Synergy Core to your system means your DAW can make more efficient use of available CPU power, thus extending the lifecycle of your existing Mac or PC. With Synergy Core, you don't have to upgrade to a latest-spec computer just to run all your preferred plug-ins. With Antelope effects running on Antelope hardware, your system is optimized right out of the box - allowing you to shorten your audio buffer size, reduce latency, eliminate clicks and pops, and free up your host computer to run CPU-heavy VST synths, samplers, and native time-based effects.

1 FPGA + 2 DSP = More Effects, More Variety

Antelope Audio's industry-leading FPGA audio processing platform gives you lower latency in effects chains, allowing you to stack effects while adding mere microseconds, not milliseconds, to your signal. The Discrete 4 Synergy Core fuses both FPGA + DSP chips in one Antelope audio interface, harnessing the parallel processing power of FPGA alongside the latest-generation state-of-the-art ARM DSP chips developed for cloud computing and mobile tech. These processors deliver a faster clock rate than other DSP chips used in the audio interface market. This exclusive hybrid architecture offers computing power synergies unique to Antelope Audio, greatly expanding the variety of Antelope effects that can be developed, such as time-based delays, choruses, flangers, and beyond. Your Discrete 4 Synergy Core arrives loaded with 36 Antelope FX included free. You get classic compressors, studio EQs, must-have reverbs, tube guitar amp models based on iconic vintage gear, and all the processing power you need to run them!

Synergy Core benefits:

  • Offload FX processing to reduce buffer size, record with sub-millisecond latency & monitor in real-time.
  • FPGA dynamically recreates studio effects & mic models on the circuit and component level.
  • Industry-standard DSP brings a wider variety of effects to an efficient real-time, low-latency platform.
  • Improves your computer's stability when handling CPU-heavy synths, samplers and FX.
  • Future-proof and configurable architecture lets us design each product for optimal performance.
  • FPGA eliminates the issue of latency stacking which is common with DSP-only units.

36 Synergy Core FX Included

Adding further value to your investment, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core includes a compelling library of 36 real-time studio effects, meticulously modeled after their hardware originals. It's all happening inside your audio interface with the lowest latency possible thanks to FPGA's massive parallel computing capabilities, DSP processing, and fast Thunderbolt™ connectivity. The library can be expanded to include any effects you choose from Antelope's web store.

Antelope Discrete 4 Synergy Core included effects:

  • FET-A76 Compressor
  • PowerFFC Compressor
  • Stay-Levin Compressor
  • VCA160 Compressor
  • X903 Compressor
  • ClearQ Equalizer
  • VEQ-1A Equalizer
  • VEQ-HLF Equalizer
  • VMEQ-5 Equalizer
  • BA-31 Mic Preamp
  • Gyraf Gyratec IX Tube Mic Preamp
  • Auraverb Utility Effect
  • PowerEX Utility Effect
  • PowerGate Utility Effect
  • Bass SuperTube VR Guitar Amp
  • BurnSphere (DE) Lead Guitar Amp
  • Darkface 65 (US) Guitar Amp
  • Marcus II (US) Lead Guitar Amp
  • Modern (US) CH3 Guitar Amp
  • Overange 120 (UK) Guitar Amp
  • Plexi 59 (UK) Guitar Amp
  • Rock 22.10 (UK) Guitar Amp
  • Rock 75 (UK) Guitar Amp
  • Top30 (UK) Bright Guitar Amp
  • Tweed Deluxe (US) Guitar Amp
  • Bass Tube 1x15 Guitar Cabinet
  • Bluelux 1x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Caliper 50 1x10 Guitar Cabinet
  • Clst 1x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Darkface 65 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • England 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Green 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Green 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Modern 4x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Top 2x12 Guitar Cabinet
  • Vintage 4x12 Guitar Cabinet

Additional FX and AFX2DAW FREE effect during promo (Oct. 31, 2019)

Taking advantage of high-speed Thunderbolt, the AFX2DAW * plug-in lets you use Synergy Core effects as inserts inside your chosen DAW. This simplifies workflow and enables easy, immediate effects automation.

Included Promo Plug-ins (good until 10/31/19)

  • ALT-436C
  • BA-6A
  • FET-A78
  • SMT-100A
  • TUBE176
  • BAE-1023
  • BAE-1084
  • NEU-W492
  • NEU-W495
  • VEQ-4K Brown
  • VEQ-4K Orange
  • VEQ-4K Pink

Four console-grade, fully discrete preamps

In the world of pro-audio design, there are certain recording consoles that stand apart from the rest based on their preamps alone. Rather than designing textbook generic preamps as are found in most audio interfaces, Antelope engineers took their inspiration from the circuitry of microphone preamps that have stood the test of time. However, the Discrete 4's preamps had to do more than stand on their own, they also “get out of the way” for the FPGA preamp models to shine through without any additional hype altering the performance of the models. After extensive research into both classic and modern preamp design, Antelope developed the Accusonic preamp; a Class-A, 6-transistor discrete preamp born of the great console designs. Not only do the Discrete 4's preamps sound stellar on their own, they can take on the sonic characteristics of a variety of classic preamps via the Antelope Audio FPGA engine - plus, it happens in real-time and with as authentic a response as possible.

Why use discrete transistor circuitry?

As we mentioned, the Discrete 4's preamps have to “get out of the way” for the FPGA models to work to their maximum capability. In order to achieve that, the best possible noise and distortion performance is essential. Discrete bi-polar transistors can outperform IC op-amps, (integrated circuit chips), particularly with low source resistances. The open-loop gain (for linearity) and load-driving capability provided by op-amps may have less than respectable performance specs, which ties into the second requirement of low distortion. Most op-amps have Class-B or Class–AB output stages, many of which show crossover artifacts on the distortion residual. A discrete op-amp (transistor) can dissipate more power than an IC, and thus can have a Class-A output stage, avoiding the crossover issue completely.

In essence, discrete transistor circuitry offers the lowest noise and distortion specs possible, enabling the FPGA FX preamp models to shine through without any uncharacteristic noise and distortion, which are also modeled to provide the true performance of the modeled preamp. Additional noise and distortion would turn the model into a different preamp, and not necessarily a better one. (Too much information? We at Pro Audio Design think not.)  

Uncompromising Analog-to-Digital and Digital-to-Analog Conversion

Quality A-to-D and D-to-A converters are at the heart of every DAW-based audio recording and playback system -- and your converters can make or break your studio. That's why the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 Synergy Core is loaded with proven, best-in-class AD/DA with 121 dB of dynamic range on the analog inputs and monitor outputs - so you can capture and monitor your sound with Antelope clarity at up to 192 kHz/24-bit resolution.

Comprehensive I/O in a Portable Desktop Audio Interface

The Discrete 4 Synergy Core offers all the same I/O as Antelope's hit original Discrete 4 interface. With both USB and Thunderbolt I/O, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core lets you choose how you want to connect to your Mac or Windows PC. On the front panel, you'll find two XLR-1/4" combi inputs with switchable mic/line/instrument preamps, and four independent headphone outputs -- enough for you and all the artists you're recording. Take a look at the back panel, and you'll see two more XLR-1/4" combi inputs, two 1/4" outputs to feed your monitors plus 4 more line outs to connect to outboard gear, ADAT and S/PDIF digital I/O via optical TOSLINK, and two Word Clock outputs to get your studio in sync with Antelope's legendary digital clocking. Hand-built by Antelope engineers to give you extensive analog and digital I/O in a robust, compact unit, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core gives you serious bang for your I/O buck.

Expandable FX Library

Tame peaks, give punch and add color to your tracks with an arsenal of vintage and modern compressors. Each one is a faithful reincarnation of a fabled unit that's been serving studios around the globe for decades - with the exception of Antelope's own Feed-Forward compressors, which we believe you will find quite powerful, yet transparent.

Real-Time Live Monitoring

Auto-Tune Synergy

  • Built from the ground-up for the Synergy Core platform, Auto-Tune Synergy adds live pitch correction to the Antelope Audio experience.
  • Industry-leading pitch correction anytime you need it – live, during recording, and at mixdown
  • Fully adjustable Retune Speed, Flex-Tune, and Humanize parameters with Auto-Key automatic key and scale detection
  • Real-time, low latency performance with the Edge Go modeling microphone and any Antelope Audio Synergy Core interface
  • ‘Classic' mode pays homage to the legendary “Auto-Tune 5 sound” heard on countless hit records

Make your frequency adjustments musically pleasing and as broad or precise as you want them using these classic, time-tested equalizers. Each one is a remarkable achievement in audio engineering and an iconic studio piece that helped shape the sound of genre-defining records. They are now yours to behold with the power of Antelope Audio's FPGA FX platform.

Mic Preamps

Even the greatest studio microphone needs the right preamp to be brought to life. Antelope's effects collection features the finest vintage tube and solid-state mic preamps known in the studio world; rare, hard to find, and exquisite examples of sophisticated audio engineering.

Utility Effects

Home in on your production work with surgical precision and efficiency using Antelope Audio's assembly of studio utilities. AuraVerb, in particular, is among our proudest works – a versatile and thick-sounding reverb that's great for adding a realistic sense of space and depth.

Mic modeling ready

The Discrete 4 Synergy Core's Accusonic 3D modeling engine lets you transform the Antelope Audio Edge and Verge modeling microphones into expensive-sounding vintage replicas. Shape the final sound with complete control over proximity effect and change polar patterns during or after recording. Choose from a collection of classic and rare microphones as you monitor and record live, bringing out the musician's finest performance.

*Available with Antelope Audio Edge & Verge modeling microphones

Acoustically focused clocking

The pioneer of atomic clocking in pro audio, Antelope Audio incorporates 20+ years of clocking expertise in its audio interfaces. With the proprietary 64-bit AFC jitter management algorithm, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core delivers the kind of artifact-free audio once accessible only to the most prestigious studios. AFC eliminates signal jitter for pristine, artifact-free audio, while increasing width, separation, and detail in musical performances.

Eliminate latency

For Windows users, Antelope Audio offers a very fast and stable custom Thunderbolt driver which achieves true sub-millisecond round-trip latency.

Windows Thunderbolt Driver features:

  • The Antelope Audio Windows Thunderbolt driver supports ultra-low latency down to sub-millisecond round-trip latency including AD/DA*
  • The driver is very efficient and maintains stable playback on busy sessions with lots of channels and effects
  • The Discrete 4 achieved LLP Rating of 9.30 on the DAW Bench low-latency benchmarks

* 0.995ms measured on Discrete 4 using PreSonus Studio One 4, 192kHz, 64 samples buffer, streaming mode set to “Fast”


Unparalleled connectivity

With an abundance of analog and digital connectivity, as well as both USB and Thunderbolt™ ports for computer connection, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core presents more options than any DSP-equipped interface out there. Four microphone inputs, four line outputs, a pair of monitor outputs, four headphone outputs and S/PDIF are at your disposal. Digital expandability is possible via ADAT chaining. Furthermore, a pair of Word Clock outputs let you distribute the interface's highly stable clock signal across your studio. All outputs are DC-coupled.

Hand-Built In Europe

Featuring Antelope's uncompromising attention to detail, the Discrete 4 Synergy Core is housed in a machined aluminum chassis. Each unit is hand-built in Antelope's European facility to strict standards, component choices and quality control. This kind of attention to detail is typically reserved only for boutique-class products.

With unprecedented power and a price-to-performance ratio that goes toe-to-toe with any Thunderbolt or USB audio interface available, the Antelope Audio Discrete 4 is ideal for musicians, artists and producers who need a compact, professional, road-ready recording setup. Order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Studio Consultant.




Analog Inputs

  • 2 x Mic / Line Inputs
  • 2 x Mic / Line / Hi-Z Inputs

Analog Outputs

  • 1 x Monitor Out on TRS 1/4" Jacks, +20dBu max
  • 4 x Line Outs on TRS, +20dBu max
  • 4 x Stereo Headphone Outputs

Mic Preamp

  • EIN: -128dBu (A-weighted)
  • Dynamic Range: -121dB (A-weighted)
  • THD: -106dB
  • Max input: +18dBu
  • Max Gain: 65dB

D/A Monitor Converter

  • Dynamic Range: 121dB
  • THD + N: -100dB

A/D Converter

  • Dynamic Range: 121dB
  • THD + N: -112dB

D/A Converters (Line Out)

  • Dynamic Range: 118dB
  • THD + N: -100dB
  • DC-coupled

Digital Inputs

  • 1 x ADAT (up to 8 ch.)
  • 1 x S/PDIF

Digital Outputs

  • 1 x ADAT (up to 8 ch.)
  • 1 x S/PDIF
  • USB 2.0 I/O
  • USB 2.0 Type-B connector
  • Thunderbolt connector

Word Clock Outputs

  • 2 x outputs @ 75 ohm, 3Vpp on BNC 32Hz–192kHz

Clocking System

  • 4th Generation Acoustically Focused Clocking
  • 64-bit DDS

Sample Rates

  • 32kHz, 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192kHz

Operating Temperature

  • 0-50°C, 32-122°F

Weight (Approx.)

  • 3.7 lb. / 1.7 kg

Dimensions (Approx.)

  • Width: 10-3/16" / 261 mm
  • Height: 1-11/16" / 44 mm
  • Depth: 8-3/16" / 208 mm

Power Consumption

  • 15 Watts


  • OS Windows 10, 64-bit with latest Microsoft Updates
  • Disk Space Available Hard Drive Storage Space
  • Ports Available Thunderbolt and USB 2.0
  • CPU Intel Core i3 or AMD FX or higher
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more recommended)


  • Model Apple Mac 2012 or newer
  • OS X Minimum macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and higher - Recommended macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Disk space available hard drive storage space
  • Ports available: Thunderbolt and USB 2.0
  • Memory (RAM): 4GB Minimum (8GB or more recommended)


  • Discrete 4 Synergy Core Interface
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wart External Power Supply Unit
  • USB Cable
  • Warranty Card


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