Merging Technologies Ovation Software Packs

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Merging Technologies Ovation Software Packs


Merging Technologies Ovation Software Packs

Ovation is available in three distinct software packs which can run in native mode or on our MERGING+MASSCORE audio engine. Aimed at a variety of different applications and budgets, explore below to find out which Ovation pack is right for your next project.


To put it simply, Ovation ELEMENTS is so cheap and so useful that every live console should come with it!

Perfect for use in small theatres and simple corporate AV events, Ovation ELEMENTS packs everything you need to fire audio cues!

  • Instant and user-friendly audio cues playback
  • Live Cue recording
  • On the fly editing
  • Support for multichannel busses (5.1, 7.1, 22.2, etc…), Ambisonic and objects audio
  • Merging Technologies 3D audio renderer
  • MIDI send/receive
  • Ovation redundancy 


Packaged for applications where show control, automation and integration with other devices is necessary, Ovation Pro delivers all the necessary tools necessary to run the show, whether being controlled by external devices or running the show itself or a mix of both.

It is the ideal tool for professional show designers and broadcasters.

  • All the Ovation Elements pack options
  • Mixer Automation
  • OSC send/receive
  • OSC Automation
  • Support for all other control protocols (LTC, MTC, TCP/IP, COM, RS-422, MSC, Script/Batch files)
  • Support for HUI Controllers
  • Webserver with beautiful customizable GUI allowing Ovation to be controlled from any tablet/smartphone/laptop


The ultimate Ovation pack, Ovation PREMIUM features our whole knowledge and experience in delivering astonishing performances. Run it on our MERGING+MASSCORE audio engine and enjoy the most powerful, reliable and compact solution on the market.

Supporting the boom of immersive shows and the adoption of new 3D rendering engines, Ovation PREMIUM allows to on the fly record, edit and playback audio cues through a Flux SPAT or Dolby Atmos renderer.

Does your show include video projections? No problem, Ovation synchronizes seamlessly with Dataton WATCHOUT and Ross Video. Control your mixer like a pro with Eucon or Ovation surfaces.

  • All the ELEMENTS and PRO packs options
  • Dolby Atmos® and Flux
  • Support of Eucon and OASIS controllers
  • Dataton WATCHOUT and Ross Video integration
  • Multi sequencer synchronization
  • Track count up to 384 I/O (with MERGING+MASSCORE engine only)
  • Designed for extended audio interactivity requirements in AV systems design. For use when a standard mixing console would be otherwise considered necessary for the system design. Cruise ships, theme parks, large theatre environments, broadcast.

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