$ 52,500.00

Brief Product Description


  • Two Quattro 412 cabinets with Mid Focus solid maple horn
  • Two double 18” (SUB218) cabinets
  • Sixteen IsoBass Blocks for decoupling the cabinets (if free-standing)
  • Two Augspurger Power SXE-3D 3-way networkable DSP amplifiers
  • Two 15 ft. 4-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker cables with NL-4 Speakon connectors (MF/HF)
  • Two 15 ft. 2-conductor Klotz-AIS Speaker Cables with NL-2 Speakon connectors (LF)
  • One Augspurger Network Switch with CAT cables

Note: Equipment rack and vent plates not included.

Detailed Product Description

The Augspurger Quattro 412 System ranks among the largest and most powerful studio monitoring systems available today.

It is designed for the most demanding production environments and is capable of delivering extreme and nuanced dynamics over long listening distances in large control rooms. This also makes the Quattro system suitable for high-end screening rooms or theaters and large post production facilities.

This Quattro 412 system utilizes four of our high power handling and high sensitivity, long excursion LF/MF drivers and in each cabinet and is mated to our Mid Focus horn which delivers over four octaves from the 99.95% pure beryllium diaphragm mated to compression driver. These main cabs are paired with two of our double 18” subwoofers (SUB218), ensuring balanced delivery of any content from 20Hz to 20kHz, from delicate whisper to thundering crescendos..

Powered by two Augspurger Power SXE series D-Class audiophile-grade amplifiers, this modern electronics package also provides musically powerful on-board DSP resources controlled by our DSPtune software to ensure seamless acoustical integration into every serious listening environment.

This system can be upgraded to “Ultimate” status by adding yet two more SUB218 cabinets, ensuring nearly limitless headroom in the lowest octaves.

Quattro is available in standard matte black and can be color matched to virtually any

The speakers come standard in a matte black finish, Custom high gloss automotive paint finishes are available in any color to complement your room decor. Call for custom paint pricing.

MAIN DIMS:  42"H x 42W x 18"D / 106.68 x 106.68 x 45.72 cm

SUB DIMS:  37.6875"H x 42”W x 18”D / 80.5 x 106.68 x 45.72 cm



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