AMS Neve 1073 Classic Mono Mic Preamp & EQ Module (Horizontal)

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AMS Neve 1073 Classic Mono Mic Preamp & EQ Module (Horizontal)


AMS Neve 1073 Classic Mono Mic Preamp & EQ Module (Horizontal)

Launched in 1970, the 1073® is the first choice of leading producers and artists, delivering the unique Neve® sound on some of the most famous recordings of the past six decades. Although there have been numerous attempts to copy the 1073, ours are the only true modules on the market.

Hand Built in the UK

The 1073® is entirely handcrafted here in the UK by our Neve® Engineers. All of the units constructed today follow the original, pencil-on-paper designs drafted by Rupert Neve himself. This original construction method, using point-to-point wiring, fibreglass tracking and original components, takes time. However, it is necessary to ensure that ultimate care is taken when constructing this legendary module.

Marinair® Transformers

The exclusive Marinair® specification input transformers, used in the 1073® module, were a collaboration between Neve Electronics and the Marinair Radar company in the late ’60s & early ’70s. The Marinair specification for the 10468 Mic input transformer and 31267 line input transformer is exclusive to Neve and is manufactured here in the UK for all of our 1073’s. This is used to produce the balanced, subtle harmonic saturation for which the 1073 is famous.

Transformer-Balanced Output

The 1073’s LO1166 gapped output transformer was designed entirely by Rupert Neve in 1964 for use in his first transistorised console, designed for Phillips Records Ltd. This design has remained under lock & key at Neve HQ for the past 6 decades, used exclusively by Neve® to produce a transformer balanced output stage for the 1073®.

Class A Discrete

The 1073® uses a discrete class-A circuitry throughout, while not the most efficient design in terms of power consumption; this design is entirely free from crossover distortion and produces a subtle warm & musical analogue hue to any line or microphone source.

Unique 1073® Gain Staging

The classic 5dB stepped Elma switch delivers accurate gain levels throughout the gain range. This unique layout means there is no need for a mic/line switch; the pot itself selects the preamp and input. Three distinct gain stages provided by two independent transistor-based preamplifiers provide gain for line input or microphone signal. By combining the two preamps, the 1073® preamp can deliver up to 80dB of microphone gain, bringing out the musical drive and harmonic saturation that gives the 1073 its fame.

Exclusive Inductors

The iconic 1073 EQ section uses handcrafted inductors manufactured exclusively for Neve in the UK. These inductors follow the original, unpublished specification laid out in the 1073 module design for the 1070 Wessex A88 console, in which the EQ had to perform across a wide range of signal sources.

Three-Band EQ

Rupert’s team carefully selected the frequency points for each of the three EQ bands. The high shelf is fixed at 12kHz, selectable bell curve mid-range with optimal presence frequency points and selectable low shelf frequency points; the 1073’s EQ section produces musical results across a wide range of signal sources.

18dB/Octave HPF

Complimenting the three-band EQ is the 1073’s famous 3rd order high pass filter. This sound sculpting tool is ideal for tailoring signals when tracking through the unit, removing unwanted low frequencies from high register instruments.

Phase Invert

The 180-degree phase flip feature is handy in multi-microphone setups with multiple preamps, ideal for top and bottom snare micing.

High/Low Impedance

The 1073® module has two impedance settings accessed via the rear-mounted Hi/Lo switch. With settings of 1.2kΩ and 300Ω, the impedance can be optimised for use with a wide range of modern or vintage microphones.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

The 1073® comes in two orientations, vertical and horizontal. Vertical orientation modules can be built to install into a console or an 8-module rack. Additionally, horizontal modules can be built for use in the 3U stereo pair rack.

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