AMS Neve 1073LBEQ 500 Series Mono EQ Module

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AMS Neve 1073LBEQ 500 Series Mono EQ Module


AMS Neve 1073LBEQ 500 Series Mono EQ Module

The legendary Neve 1073 3-band equalizer for the 500-series.

AMS Neve gave 500-series aficionados their birthday wish when the 1073 became available to add sweetness to their lunchboxes. But what about the famous 1073 equalizer? After much pouting and breath-holding, until they turned Royal Air Force blue, AMS Neve rewarded us with a true 500-series 1073 EQ to work in tandem with the AMS Neve 1073LB preamps. Keep in mind that fulfilling such a request is not an easy thing to do. The 500-series imposes power limitations that can undermine the performance of the original model and size restrictions that make using the right components and circuitry difficult to impossible. The trick is finding alternative solutions that provide the same performance, and above all, the same signature sound as the original 1073. Who better than AMS Neve to accomplish that task, and the mono AMS Neve 1073LBEQ enables the 500-series user to have both the classic 1073 preamp and EQ in two acts. Crafted in England by Neve engineers, the module retains the unique sonic characteristics of the original 1073 EQ by using the same circuit architecture and matching components.  

AMS Neve 1073LBEQ-Just the Facts

  • Legendary 3-band EQ design
  • Rotary controls provide accurate adjustment of the 1073 3-band EQ and High Pass filter
  • Signal presence LED illuminates green from a level of -25dB and red from a level of +24dB
  • Switch for EQ In/Out function, with LED indication
  • Electronically balanced circuits used in line input and line output stages for standalone module use
  • Audio processing insert design allows the audio to/from the 1073LBEQ module to be inserted into the audio path of an existing 1073LB module (modules must be fitted in the same 500-series rack)
  • Fully screened module, packaged in Mu-metal case helps eliminate stray electromagnetic fields from 500-series rack PSU or other module types

AMS Neve 1073LBEQ 500-Series Module-Under the Hood

Launched in 1970, the original Neve 1073 module is perhaps the world's most famous and desirable microphone preamp and EQ for recording vocals and instruments of all types. Originally designed for the 80-series consoles along with the 1066, 1081, and 1084, the 1073 stood out from the pack due to its particular EQ curves. While all of the 10-series console modules shared the same preamp for sonic consistency across the console, each had a different set of equalizer curves* to provide the mixer or producer with sonic options. The 1073  made EQing snare and bringing out the air in vocals easy as a simple twist of a knob.

*PAD For the Record: The Neve 1073 emerged from the 10-series console modules as the first choice for tracking and mixing, mostly due to its equalizer. Each module in the 10 series shared the same input stage, but each had a different equalizer section, and as such, found their way into specific uses. For example, the 1066 has a different low-frequency curve, which made it a favorite for bass and a favorite of Pete Townshend for recording heavy guitars. The 1081 offered a four-band EQ with additional high-frequency options and has been heard on records by The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Beyonce, Pat Metheny, and Peter Wolf. And then we come to the 1073, which had a high shelf at 12kHz that brought out the air in vocals and the sizzle in snares. In fact, A-list mixer Andrew Scheps after years of equalizing snares will tell you that to get the snap, sizzle, and body of a snare that we all love is easily had with a 1073 boosted at 220Hz, 7.2kHz, and 12kHz to taste.

A True Neve 1073 Signal Path for 500-Series Users

Crafted in England by Neve engineers, the 1073LBEQ Mono EQ module retains the unique sonic characteristics of the original Neve 1073 classic EQ by using the same EQ circuit architecture and matching components. And it delivers it in a modern and portable form-factor that professional producers and engineers demand. With new features, such as a signal presence LED and Neve's clever Audio Processing Insert design, the 1073LBEQ takes your 500-series rack to the next level.

Simply install into an empty slot in your compatible 500-series rack, connect your line level signals and inject the legendary Neve EQ sound into your audio creations. And it's the perfect pairing for the incredible Neve 1073LB microphone preamp module. The 1073LBEQ module can be inserted between the input and output stages of the 1073LB module, creating a true Neve 1073 classic audio path.

VPR-Alliance Compliant

The 500 series, which has taken the industry by storm, began with API founder Saul Walker and his innovative modular console designs. API founded the VPR Alliance, the industry standard for 500-series modules, to ensure compatibility among all manufacturers off 500-series modules. This AMS Neve module has been specifically designed to operate in an API 500-series power rack such as the API lunchbox® or its equivalent.  

PAD Tech Note: When selecting modules for a 500-series power rack, it's important to check with the manufacturer (or your PAD Studio Specialist) for compatibility. In certain cases, the difference of a few millimeters in front-panel thickness can prevent the unit from seating properly and making the connection. Additionally, and this is not widely advertised, the current requirements of the 500 module can throw a “monkey into the wrench,” so to speak. For example, in order to make a unit, such as a 500-series tube preamp, function as you would expect the rack module, the module is designed without regard to the 500-series lunchbox' limitation. Specifically, the current requirement of the unit may take up all the available current in the power rack, making it incapable of powering additional 500-series modules, or even the unit itself. But worry not young Padawan, the force is strong with your PAD Studio Specialist who can guide you in the ways of the light side (and you don't have to travel to Dagobah and carry him on your back in the swamp).   

The 1073LBEQ and 1073LB give you a true Neve 1073 signal path for your 500 power rack-need we say more? No? Then order yours today. For more information, call or chat online with your PAD Jedi Studio Master.

Frequency Curves

HF Cut and Boost (top control, inner knob)

  • +/-16dB of smooth shelving with a fixed frequency of 12kHz

High-Pass Filter (top, outer blue dial)

  • 18dB per octave slope with a selectable threshold of 50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz or 300Hz (This control is a different color than the other outer controls to indicate it bears no direct relationship to its center control)

Mid Frequency Cut and Boost (middle, inner knob)

  • +/-18dB of smooth control with a fixed Q and selectable center

Mid Frequency Selector (middle, outer dial)

  • Select from 0.36kHz, 0.7kHz, 1.6kHz, 3.2kHz, 4.8kHz or 7.2kHz

Low Frequency Cut and Boost (bottom, inner knob)

+/-16dB of smooth shelving control with a fixed Q and selectable center

Low Frequency Selector (bottom, outer dial)

  • Select from 35Hz, 60Hz, 110Hz or 220Hz

EQ In/Out

  • The adjacent LED will light green when the EQ button is pressed and in

circuit, and unlit when deselected and bypassed

Signal LED

A three-state led gives an indication of the outgoing signal level:

  • Off below -26dB
  • Lights green between -25dB and +23dB
  • Lights red at +24dB or higher




  • High Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB of fixed frequency shelving at 12kHz
  • Mid Frequency: Smooth +/-18dB of peaking, fixed Q, selectable center 0.36kHz / 0.7kHz / 1.6kHz / 3.2kHz / 4.8kHz / 7.2kHz
  • Low Frequency: Smooth +/-16dB shelving 35Hz / 60Hz / 110Hz / 220Hz
  • High-pass filter: 50Hz / 80Hz / 160Hz / 300Hz; 18dB per octave slope
  • EQ button: Switches the equalizer in/out of circuit
  • Signal LED: Off below -26dB; green between -25dB and +23dB; red at +24dB or higher


  • Height: 5-1/4" / 132 mm
  • Width: 1-1/2" / 38 mm
  • Depth: 5-3/4" / 145 mm
  • Weight: 1-1/4 lb. / 0.6 kg


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