James Townend from AMS Neve introduces the Genesys Black 16 Console at AES2014


GET BLACK! At this year's AES in Los Angeles, PAD showcased the new AMS Neve Genesys Black console, a digitally controlled analog recording desk that provides complete integration with the studio environment, and the power to control the digital audio workstation of your choice. It is an incredibly innovative hybrid console, with an all-analog audio path featuring Neve's legendary sound. Encorporated in a small footprint, the Genesys Black can be configured from 8-channel/24-input, all the way up to 88 analog inputs on mix. Add to that touch-screen control and DAW-driven automation, and you have the perfect solution for the independent producer, the world-class facility, and everyone in-between.


Available now, The Neve Genesys Black is ready to change the way you record and mix. 

Contact our Neve Genesys Black specialist John Songdahl at 877-223-8858 or email    Special pricing is available on the AES Demo console .


Here are some of the unique features of the Genesys Black

  • Direct connectivity to your DAW through AES, MADI or FireWire.  That's right, plug your Macbook Pro running Pro Tools, Logic, Nuendo (or other DAW) into the Genesys Black for complete bidirectional communication. 
  • Superb Neve digital conversion, same as is used on their digital consoles and workstations.
  • Motorized analog faders for all input channels, subgroups and outputs, all controlled by DAW automation.
  • Touch screen interface for DAW control.
  • 16 dedicated motorized DAW faders with spillover function, so analog faders can also be assigned as DAW faders.
  • 1073 Microphone preamplifiers with illuminated gain control.
  • 4 band 88RS parametric EQ on each channel - can be upgraded to classic 1084 EQ (caps & coils, inductors, for that classic Neve Sound)
  • Optional 88RS Dynamics on each channel
  • EQ and Dynamics can be assigned to the main or monitor path,  There are also two insert points per channel that can be assigned to the main or monitor path, giving you the flexibility to place the inserts, EQ and Dynamics wherever you want in the signal path.
  • Total recall and Total reset allows you to reconfigure the console exactly and quickly.
  • 8 Auxiliary busses - 2 stereo and 4 mono
  • 2 Cue mixes
  • 8 group busses
  • 4 Stereo effects returns with width control - a very cool and useful Neve feature.
  • Comprehensive metering
  • 5.1 Mixing and monitoring
  • Talkback and reverse talkback functions
  • Available in configurations from 8 Channel (Inline with separate monitor path) which gives you 24 analog channels for mixing, up to 40 Channel which will give you a whopping 88 analog channels at mixdown.
  • The big Neve sound of British Iron!

AMS Neve Genesys Black 16

MIX Magazine interview with Dave Malekpour 12/13

Mix Magazine Interview with Dave Malekpour 12/13

Joe Galdo Discusses South Beach Studios

Dave Malekpour of Professional Audio Design interviews Joe Galdo, founder and owner of South Beach Studios, about the music industry, the history of South Beach Studios, and his outlook for the future.

Frank Filipetti Interview part 1

Today on ProAudioTV, Dave Malekpour, president of PAD, interviews Grammy award winning engineer/producer Frank Filipetti. Frank discussed the transition from Analog to Digital, as well as transitioning from a commercial recording facility to his own home studio.

Pulse Techniques Pultec Equalizers

Welcome back to ProAudioTV. Today Dave Malekpour speaks with Steve Jackson at Pulse Techniques about their meticulous Pultec reproductions built in Fort Collins Colorado. Each component is built to exacting standards established back in the 1950's, and the result is an EQ that is indistinguishable from a vintage unit, except for the reduced noise. Beginning with the EPQ-1A3, they have now added a mastering version of the EQP-1A3, the MEQ 5 midrange EQ and the EQP-1S3 (which adds a HF Shelf boost) to their line up.

Burl Audio New Product Overview

Today on ProAudioTV we take a look at the new product introductions from Burl Audio.  Burl Audio, known for their outstanding A/D and D/A converters, as well as their acclaimed microphone preamplifiers, moves into two new areas of focus in the control room. In ths video Dave Malekpour interviews Will Kahn from Burl Audio about their two new products, the B26 Orca Control Room Monitor controller, and the B32 Vancouver Summing Mixer.  Check out Burl Audio for more detail.

Sontronics Sonora II Dual Channel Class A Discrete Microphone Preamplifier

Today on ProAudioTV we bring you an interview from Sound on Sound Magazine with Dave Malekpour introducing the new Sontronics Sonora II dual channel solid state discrete microphone preamplifier. Check out the preamps that Al DiMeola says are "the best preamps I've ever used on my guitars."

Get a great deal on an AES Show Demo model of the Sontronics Sonora II, normally $1295, buy a demo (full warranty, used only for AES show) for $995.  Call, email or FB message us to make it happen!



Tree Audio "The Roots" Tube Hybrid Console

On today's episode of ProAudioTV, Dave Malekpour takes a look at the Tree Audio "The Roots" Hybrid Tube Console. Tree Audio is a collaboration between Ian Gardiner (Boutique Audio and Design) and Steve Firlotte (Inward Connections), and leverages their combined years of high quality engineering and design. "The Roots" is one of their most ambitious projects yet, and is truly a unique item in today's "me too" marketplace. Enjoy!


Pro Audio Design launches ProAudioTV

Welcome to a new feature from Professional Audio Design, ProAudioTV. ProAudioTV will be a regular feature on Facebook, and on our website, and will feature New Product Overviews, Interviews with leading recording professionals, product application tips and tricks, and unique or hard to find vintage gear. Today we begin with an overview of the Aurora Audio Sidecar, released at AES 2012. The interview features Dave Malekpour, President of PAD, and Geoff Tanner, designer of all Aurora Audio products.  

Press Release 9/23/11: PAD Appointed Distributor for Sontronics Microphones in North America

UK based Sontronics Microphones has appointed Professional Audio Design, as its exclusive distributor for North America.

Pembroke, Massachusetts based Professional Audio Design, known as a provider of pro audio gear, system design and integration has been growing its brands of distributed products, which includes Cartec Audio, JLab Studio Electronics and PAD’s Augspurger Monitors.

“We are very excited to be working with Dave Malekpour and the team at PAD in order to grow Sontronics here in the States. Sontronics is a truly British brand, with all our microphones, accessories and preamps designed and developed in the UK by founder and MD Trevor Coley. We have always had a loyal, solid following in the US, our mics have had some great reviews in the American press, and we’re proud to have plenty of top US artists in our ever-growing list of famous users. We shall be working closely with PAD to build on this foundation and spread the Sontronics message further and wider than ever!” states Lisa Coley, Marketing Director of Sontronics.

“Sontronics offers great sounding, well made mics at affordable prices, ranging from ribbon and tube mics to purpose built vocal, guitar and drum mics. Their Saturn is a large diaphragm condenser that has been compared to mic costing ten times as much. We will be working with dealers and end users to build brand awareness, and feel the product offers exceptional performance and value in both studio and live applications. We are excited to bring these great mics to the US market.” Dave Malekpour, PAD’s President states.

About Professional Audio Design

Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1993 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers. For more information, please visit:


PEMBROKE,MA: Leading studio integration specialists Professional Audio Design (PAD) reached a landmark recently, with the completion of their 100th custom monitoring system. Installed at Quad Studios newest room in New York City, PAD installed their Augspurger GA215V vertically oriented 2x15” main monitor, featuring handmade wooden horns and PAD’s custom drivers, DSP controlled, and powered with over 1500 watts.

“Outstanding monitoring is something you build into the infrastructure of your room,” says Dave Malekpour, President of Professional Audio Design. “Quad Studios went this route because they understand that custom monitoring is a highly efficient path towards creating an ultimate listening environment.”

“It’s all about making systems that not only deliver a terrific experience to the people in the control room, but also translate realistically and accurately everywhere else,” Malekpour explains. “PAD’s collaboration with our clients from very early on in the project allows us to outline systems that are tailored exactly to the user’s ears, facility and applications – and sometimes by their desire to go to extremes.” Quad’s new control room has been designated the “loudest room in New York City”.

“Personalized monitoring is one of the many ways that PAD creates a facility that’s truly built around the people inside,” Dave Malekpour concludes. “The accuracy of a PAD custom monitoring system can be the difference between using your ears, and truly depending on them.” 


About Professional Audio Design

Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1993 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers. For more information, please visit:

Pro Audio Design Moves Into New Facility

Pro Audio Design has officially moved into our new facility in Pembroke Mass.

The new digs boast a state of the art tech shop for our world class service department.



Are you sending your precious high end recording equipment to some guitar store for service? PAD has years of experience servicing, modifying, upgrading and installing SSL, Neve and other high end consoles and vintage gear.


(Vintage Neve 33609B Tenderly Refurbished!)

Our new parts department is well stocked with hard to find parts.

PAD can even fabricate discontinued parts.




We've also added a new office suite to help our sales engineers serve you better.


Our testing and applications control room gives you an opportunity to hear the gear, and see how it works in a real-world environment. Featuring the best vintage gear and modern day classics, our control room provides a comfortable environment to audition equipment and compare products.

Expert advice on gear and studio design is only the beginning of our capabilities.

PAD also offers:

  • Custom monitor systems by Augspurger and Dynaudio/Munro and others.
  • Complete DAW systems including Pro Tools / Logic / Nuendo and expertise on almost any plug in, software tool or sound library you need.
  • Patchbay and wiring systems to maximize your studios potential.
  • Detailed room analysis and acoustic tuning for accurate monitoring.


Make the smart choice and trust in the experience and genuine expertise of

Professional Audio Design.

Waves alternative to dedicated DSP

A few years back Waves came out with their APA processors that were hardware devices built to run Waves plug-ins, taking the load off the host CPU, much in the same way Pro Tools TDM Hardware, Universal Audio UAD cards, and TC Powercore processors do.  Now Waves has come up with a new solution, using "off the shelf PC's" (in other words, inexpensive) to run Waves plug-ins in a ultra-low latency, ethernet based solution.  This looks hot, and is something to keep an eye on, as we believe it will become a very attractive alternative to other DSP solutions.

Allaire Studios Equipment Liquidation

Allaire Studios, the Shokan, N.Y. destination studio that was the home of two Neve-based rooms, has closed it's doors, and has chosen Professional Audio Design to liquidate it's equipment, including the legendary Neve 'Air Montserrat' Console.


The 56-input console has been used to record artists such as The Police, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Eric Clapton. Designed by Rupert Neve, the desk was created with input from famed Beatles engineer Geoff Emerick and producer Sir George Martin. It is one of only three desks specified by Martin for Air Studios, each of which have the distinction of being the last to be created by Neve for the Neve Company.


Interested parties should contact Dave Malekpour at 781-982-2602 or

South Beach Studios Chooses PAD-Augspurger Main Monitors for B Room Upgrade

South Beach Studios in Miami Beach, FL has upgraded their B-Studio with an Augspurger GA215V Vertical Monitor system custom built by Professional Audio Design.


Since PAD had provided their SSL G+ console as well as other gear over the years, Joe Galdo, Cofounder of South Beach Studios turned once again to PAD President Dave Malekpour, for advice on the upgrade.


“I’ve always liked working with Dave because of his knowledge and experience. He understands the subtleties of our business since we’ve been working together since 1992. PAD made this easy, trading out gear and turning it into a new system” said Galdo. “Since the system’s installation, we’ve had Big Bert in working with new artist CeCe, and done sessions with Nelly and Young Jeezy. Everyone has loved the system.”


“We specified the vertical 2 x 15” TAD loaded design for its tight foot print and ideal. We have found the vertical driver arrangement to perform well in almost any size room and the orientation of the drivers makes low frequency and imaging very accurate and powerful” said Malekpour.


The system incorporates TAD drivers, MC2 T-2000 amplifiers, and is controlled by BSS Omnidrive speaker management system. The system is finished in “BMW Black Metallic” completing the studios great new look.



To learn more about PAD’s custom monitor systems, please send an email to, or call +1 (781) 982-2602 for a personalized evaluation.



About Professional Audio Design

Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1993 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers.

AMS Neve and Professional Audio Design (PAD) Deliver New Era of Performance and DAW Integration with First U.S.-Based Neve Genes

Neve Genesys Offers Right Combination of Features and Performance in a Small Footprint for Atlanta's Zac Recording

Boston, MA, March 17, 2009
-- AMS Neve and Professional Audio Design (PAD) announced the first U.S.-based installation of the groundbreaking Neve Genesys recording console. On a recommendation from PAD President Dave Malekpour, Atlanta's Zac Recording chose the Neve Genesys for its superior combination of sonics and DAW integration.

The recent installation has already resulted in increased client interest and demand for Zac Recording's "B room," which is considerably smaller than its main recording room. While this room is more compact and the console footprint more economical, the sound is anything but small, explains studio owner Jim Zumpano.

"I spent about three years trying to figure out what I was going to put in this room, which is on the tight side," Zumpano says.  "I was looking for the right combination of high quality analog circuitry and digital functionality. I looked at other consoles, but they just couldn't offer the right combination."

Recognizing the untapped business potential of Zac Recording's smallest space, Malekpour sent a demo unit of the Neve Genesys to Zumpano, and it took just days before the console was configured, up and running. The console, which features 16 preamplifiers identical to those found on the Neve 88RS, is expandable up to 64 channels. 

It wasn't long before Zumpano and company recognized that this represented the next generation at Zac Recording. "Sonically, the Neve Genesys has opened up a whole new world and the room pumps like nobody's business," says Zumpano. "The bottom end has a chunkiness to it that sounds great. The audio makes sense now--it feels like things aren't being squeezed like they were on our previous console."

"PAD's relationship with Zac Recording is built on many years of working together," explains Dave Malekpour, President of PAD.  "As a client, Jim expects me to present him with options that will make his business more competitive. I knew the Neve Genesys presented tremendous potential for him in light of what he was trying to achieve in the limited space he had." 

AMS Neve managing director, Mark Crabtree, added: "We are pleased to see Zac Recording choose the Neve Genesys. When you consider the quality of the preamps, the EQs, the output section and indeed the full automation capabilities, this console is truly unique. It is a very smart desk which is smooth in its operation and sonically pure Neve - which says it all." 

Zac Recording, which has been working with artists such as Fergie, Snoop Doggie Dog and R. Kelly, called on PAD for its new acquisition because they had done right by them in the past: "When I first opened my studio, I had a very large console that didn't work out for me. When that big desk went down, Dave came to the rescue and kept me running. That sealed our relationship."




Zac Recording's "B-Room"
(Photo by Terrebonne Photography, Inc.)


About Professional Audio Design
Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1992 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers.

Professional Audio Design (PAD) Delivers Powerful, Customized Studio Monitors for Commercial and Project Facilities

Boston, MA, February 10, 2009--Professional Audio Design, Inc., (PAD) the audio sales and installation experts, have become a "go-to" source for customized monitor solutions for some of the most successful producers, artists and commercial recording studios in the country, including Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, Jay Z, and many others. Among PAD's popular solutions are monitors designed by George Augspurger, built to PAD's exacting specifications using custom electronics, power amplifiers and speaker components.

PAD's broad experience in equipment, consoles, studio integration and maintenance has led to the expansion of its studio monitor business. Since then, PAD has created dozens of powerful and attractive monitor systems--each one unique--helping clients capture both new and repeated business.

As an organization, PAD is comprised of technicians, engineers, equipment design experts and integration specialists. This wide-ranging expertise gives PAD an advantage in helping customers choose the appropriate monitor solution, based on each businesses' environment and music application.

"Our monitors provide high output, high accuracy and reliability," commented Dave Malekpour, President of PAD. "They also look great--we can create custom finishes to suit each environment. Finally, each monitor is installed and calibrated to work symbiotically with the room. These combined elements help clients make a unique statement about their facility that clients will remember."

PAD's monitors--such as its GA215V--are constructed, assembled and inspected by hand, from the initial cabinet construction all the way to the high-gloss, customized paint finishes that are available. Monitors are then installed, tested and measured for acoustic response and accuracy. Parameters such as timing, phase and frequency response are all adjusted to meet the specific requirements of the room.
A range of monitor solutions are available, starting with a 1 x 15" plus horn, all the way up to 4 x 15" and custom combinations of tweeters and subwoofers. PAD's monitors are known for their power and ability to handle high sound pressure levels, which are often in excess of 130 decibels.



Frank Hendler, Owner of New York-based Blast Off Productions, Inc. commented: "We chose to work with Dave Malekpour at PAD to outfit our brand new Blast Off Studios, because we knew we would get an extremely powerful and accurate system that would compete with all of the major "A rooms" in New York. We chose the custom jet-black vertical Augspurger cabinets, with 15" TAD drivers, and a pair of 18" JBL powered subwoofers. When the boxes came, we were convinced it wouldn't all fit, but PAD had great success installing this incredible monitoring system in a space that is private, up-close and personal."
"In our world, monitoring is 99% of the battle, and so far, our clients have been very impressed with both the performance of our monitors as well as their commanding visual appeal," Hendler continued. "They are the launch pad at Blast Off Studios, and have already proven to comfortably withstand the colossal decibel levels of recording sessions with the likes of Atlantic Records' Maino, and Derrty/Universal Records' Avery Storm."
To learn more about PAD's monitor offerings, please send an email to, or call +1 (877) 223-8858 for a personalized evaluation.


About Professional Audio Design
Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a U.S.-based technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1992 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers.

Professional Audio Design (PAD) Launches "PADTech," Dedicated Technical Resource for Recording Studios and Post-Production Facil

PADTech Helps Studio Owners Leverage Comprehensive Service Capabilities, Minimize Downtime and Focus on Revenue Generation


Professional Audio Design, Inc., the audio sales and installation experts, have introduced "PADTech" to its audio and post-production community of customers. PADTech, which provides studio owners the opportunity to leverage PAD's sixteen years of experience integrating and servicing world-class studio environments, is an individualized program that helps studio owners acquire, service and maintain their equipment infrastructure.

Professional Audio Design (PAD), a leading supplier and integrator of console manufacturers such as AMS Neve, SSL and many others, launched PADTech to serve the needs of customers who either lack their own in-house technical resources and/or require additional technical support beyond what is typically provided by the manufacturer. PADTech can also serve as an extension to a studio's own technical capabilities. Through PADTech, customers can benefit in every stage of a studio's lifecycle: discovery, acquisition, maintenance and support.  

"Studio owners require a technical road map to help their businesses succeed, no matter what their size," commented Dave Malekpour, president of PAD. "As studio profiles continue to shift dramatically, most lack the capability and financial means to manage required maintenance and upgrades. PADTech was developed as a cost-effective alternative to help these customers access the high-level of expertise, no matter what size their studio."

PADTech, which is the equivalent of having an in-house tech shop minus the associated overhead costs, can help audio systems perform better through regular maintenance, minimizing downtime and preventing equipment failure. Through PADTech, customers can leverage a cost-effective program that takes advantage of PAD's vast systems and integration knowledge as well as a geographically diverse network of technical consultants. The program can also serve as an off-site repository for technical configurations, service records and wiring diagrams.

"We have come to rely on PAD to handle all of our maintenance and repairs," said Juan Perez, Owner of New York-based Roc The Mic studios. "Working with PAD is like having the benefit of an in-house tech, but just when we need one.  We signed up for the PADTech maintenance program so we don't have to worry about technical issues interfering with our clients' busy recording schedules."

To learn more about PADTech, please send an email to or call +1 (877) 223-8858 for a complementary evaluation.


Ex'Press Delivery From PAD: SSL 9000 J To Ex'Pression College For Digital Arts

The Challenge: Provide this leading Bay Area digital arts school’s students with an additional SSL 9000 J console for a world-class experience. Delivering a great ROI for Ex’pression was on the curriculum.

The Solution: “PAD has extensive experience working with colleges, universities and media programs,” says Dave Malekpour, President of PAD, “and we feel that for them a second-hand console is often a smart investment. This is a school that demands the latest and greatest technology -- their gear has to work and still be cost-effective, just like anything in the educational market. The studios run 24/7, and the students expect to be able to go in and start recording immediately. Ex’pression needed a console that would provide good continuity with an SSL E Series they had in another control room, so PAD located a very good condition, low-use 64-channel SSL 9000 J which was then upgraded to an 80-channel frame. We made it fit with their budget, refurbished and installed it with our one-year warranty, as well as providing some exciting new outboard gear. With the expert refurbishment that PAD provides, this board will definitely stand up to heavy use.”

Yaron Fuchs Takes The Home Studio To A New Level

The growing movement towards high-end residential studios welcomes another convert this month with the opening of producer / engineer Yaron Fuchs’ new home studio. Fuchs who has worked with many Grammy®-winning artists ranging from Herbie Hancock, Ben Harper, Bryan McKnight, Smashing Pumpkins and Tim McGraw to Moby, had co-owned NYC’s EastSide Sound in 1990’s, and later co-owned NuMedia NY Studios. With large rooms continuing to devolve into an ‘endangered’ species, Fuchs and his partner Bob Brockman reassessed their commitment to a NYC presence.

“In late 2007 we decided not to renew the NuMedia NY lease which was becoming increasingly unattractive,” Fuchs says. “I bought a home in upstate New York for my growing family, and took a year off to consider my next move. I knew today’s technology would enable me to accomplish virtually any mixing task with the same quality and efficiency of our large studio. I was drawn to the option of having the freedom to record artists in any of NY’s great rooms, and then bring the material upstate where I didn’t need to watch the clock or deal with the commute.


“Conversations with Professional Audio Design principal Dave Malekpour confirmed Fuchs’ belief that he could build and equip a cutting edge home studio within a reasonable budget. “I already owned a considerable amount of analogue gear, and Dave developed a package that fit perfectly with the hybrid ‘in-the-box/out-of-the-box’ working style I envisioned,” Fuchs says. Working with architect/acoustician John Storyk’s Walters-Storyk Design Group Fuchs knew his studio would look, sound and function at a world-class level.


“Thanks to a long working relationship with Yaron, I understood what he was looking to accomplish with his new studio,” Malekpour says. “We developed an extremely flexible personalized system to support his minimal patch bay needs, and we designed custom furniture to maximize his storage space and keep the gear out of site during listening or screening sessions.”


“The past few years have witnessed a remarkable turning point in studio design,” says WSDG principal John storyk. Technology has been advancing, room size (and budgets) have been shrinking, and we have completely re-evaluated the entire concept of what constitutes a professional studio. The goals for these rooms continue to demand the highest quality of acoustic performance while maintaining individuality and architectural excellence. Equipment changes, advanced acoustic prediction and simulation design techniques, as well as the challenge of smaller environments have inspired many exciting design initiatives.


WSDG developed a number of templates during the past few years for small home style studio environments, including Paradise Garage, an elegant Westchester facility created for hit producer Robert Clivillés as well as Alicia Key’s Oven Studios in Long Island. “It was a remarkable coincidence to hear that Yaron was planning to turn his 400 sq. ft. garage into a studio,” Storyk says. “We’d learned some valuable lessons with our Paradise assignment and were looking to apply them again.”


After surveying the real estate available for the studio Storyk sketched out a rough design on the proverbial napkin when he, Malekpour and Fuchs adjourned to dinner. “I envisioned the finished room, console placement, the addition of vocal booth, machine room, windows, etc. and wanted to get it down as quickly as possible. Noise leakage was a primary concern. Just as with the Clivillés studio, Fuchs’ home is located in a residential enclave. He needed to be free to work at noise levels in excess of 110dB, without disturbing neighbors or resident wildlife. “This is a floating, room-within-a-room, structure with a poured concrete floor, totally secured from sound leakage. Every precaution has been taken to maintain the surrounding sylvan quiet,” Storyk says.


With a Digidesign D Control console; Focal Twin 5.1 system; KRK Expose E8’s; Neve 1081s; a fully loaded API 500 Series Rack and a wealth of outboard gear, Fuchs’ new studio represents the ultimate home mixing environment. PAD developed an equipment package, and WSDG designed an extremely comfortable, attractive and eminently workable physical plant. I genuinely feel at home here, it’s artistically inspiring and financially doable,” Fuchs says. “I’ve got the all the necessary tools and the perfect creative environment. The beach is a short walk from the house, I can take my kids to school in the morning, walk the dog, walk into my garage and get to work without having to sit in the car for an hour.”



About Walters-Storyk Design Group

The Walters-Storyk Design Group has designed over 3000 media production facilities in the U.S., Europe, the Far East and Latin America. WSDG credits range from the original Jimi Hendrix Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village to NYC’s Jazz At Lincoln Center performance complex, broadcast facilities for The Food Network, Interlochen Public Radio, CBS and WNET, and corporate clients such as Hoffman La Roche. Recent credits include private studios for Tim “Timbaland” Mosley, , film composer Carter Burwell, Goo Goo Dolls, Aerosmith, Green Day, Jay-Z, Bruce Springsteen and Alicia Keys. WSDG principals John Storyk, Beth Walters and Dirk Noy lecture frequently at universities and industry events, and contribute regularly to industry publications. The firm maintains offices in NY, SF Argentina, Brazil, Beijing, Mexico City and Switzerland.


About Professional Audio Design

Professional Audio Design (PAD) is a technical services company specializing in sales, specification, installation, maintenance and support of high-end audio equipment. Founded in 1992 by Dave Malekpour, PAD has provided sales and services to world-class recording studios, artists, producers, engineers and studio designers.

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